Sunday, October 28, 2012

Part-3-Athon Day 28: Bloodrayne: The Third Reich

Welcome to my Part-3-athon movie marathon, where every day during the month of October I will be posting a video review of a different THIRD entry in a horror/sci-fi series for which I have NEVER seen parts 1 and 2.

Here is Bloodrayne: The Third Reich:


Mugato said...

Clint Howard and the Eddie and the Cruisers guy! How could this possibly go wrong.

capt.naps said...

My understanding is that Germany has some weird tax loophole about making movies there. So uwe really spends as little money as possible to make his crap films for a tax write off, seems similar to the plot of Mel Brooks' The Producers...except Boll's films are more offensive than a musical about hitler.

also if you insult him he will challenge you to a boxing match.

This BloodRayne is hotter than the original one, thats my take on this film

Donald said...

She's insanely hot.

Mugato said...

Yes, Clint Howard is pretty hot