You are now chatting with 'Elle'.
Elle: at 20:33:32

Hello, thank you for contacting Xbox Customer Support. My name is Elle. Please give me a moment to review your question.
Elle: at 20:34:17

Hi Donald! I understand that you were prompted to purchased the film that you have already purchased, correct?
donald: at 20:34:38

Elle: at 20:34:57

Thanks for verifying. Well, it's a good thing you got me on the line. Let me be your partner in resolving this issue today. I'll make it real quick for you.
donald: at 20:35:00

I tried to resume a film I had rented but it purchased it instead
Elle: at 20:35:14

To start, may I have your gamertag?
donald: at 20:35:20

Elle: at 20:35:39

Thank you. What app did you used to rent the film?
donald: at 20:35:50

xbox video?
Elle: at 20:36:51

So you rented it through Xbox vidoes, right/
Elle: at 20:36:54

donald: at 20:37:00

That is correct
Elle: at 20:37:40

Thank you. Please give 1-2 minutes to check this case.
donald: at 20:37:46

Elle: at 20:39:53

Still check your case here. Please bear with me.
donald: at 20:40:05

thank you
Elle: at 20:40:17

By the way, can you verify the cost of the film that have rented?
Elle: at 20:40:25

*that you have
Elle: at 20:41:10

Are you still there?
donald: at 20:41:15

The rental was $4.99
donald: at 20:41:41

But then when I went to resume it, I got an email saying I was charged another 8.99 for purchasing. I did not purchase it.
donald: at 20:42:04

So I was charged for a rental and a purchase.
donald: at 20:42:37

I would like a refund for the purchase price
donald: at 20:42:40

SubTotal: $8.99 Tax: $0.70 Total Amount: $9.69
Elle: at 20:43:05

Thanks for the added information, Donald.
Elle: at 20:43:16

Please bear with me while I will this case.,
Elle: at 20:43:18

Thank you.
donald: at 20:43:22

I'd also like the have the rental fee refunded as well, since it was for HD while the purchase was SD and overwrote the HD rental.
donald: at 20:43:35

So in effect I didn't get what I agreed to rent.
donald: at 20:44:21

9.69 + 5.38 = 15.07
donald: at 20:44:25

Thank you
Elle: at 20:47:20

Thanks for waiting, my friend. Looking into your account, you did rent the film (mad, mad, mad, mad world) last 10/23/13. Did you try viewing that film again on the following day?
donald: at 20:47:32

That's today.
donald: at 20:48:07

The HD rental was gone. The SD purchase I didn't actuallly authorize was in its place.
donald: at 20:48:17

This all happened in the span of a couple hours.
donald: at 20:48:29

I just require the refund. Thank you.
donald: at 20:49:34

I deleted the SD purchase and the HD rental was gone.
donald: at 20:49:41

I have no copy of the film on my Xbox.
donald: at 20:51:34

I just would like a refund, Thank you.
Elle: at 20:52:33

I understand you Donald, please bear with me while I will further check your account.
donald: at 20:52:42

donald: at 20:53:49

You'll find I've been an Xbox live member in good standing for 3 years with many game purchases and film rentals.
donald: at 20:55:10

This is the first time I've been accidentally charged for something I didn't actually purchase.
Elle: at 20:58:56

Thanks for bringing this up to our concern, Donald. Here's what I will do, I will escalate this case to our advocacy team so this will be taken cared of and the refund in the soonest possible time. Please stay on the chat window while I will process the request. Would that be alright?
donald: at 20:59:14

Thank you
Elle: at 21:00:07

Thank you.
Elle: at 21:05:04

Thanks for waiting, may I have your best contact number and email address?
donald: at 21:06:34

(redacted by don)
donald: at 21:06:44

(redacted by don)
Elle: at 21:07:20

Thank you.
Elle: at 21:07:30

I'm almost done. Thank you for your patience.
donald: at 21:07:54

Elle: at 21:11:15

Thanks for waiting, Donald. Just done processing the request. Here is your reference number: 1221186866
Elle: at 21:11:39

A Senior Specialist from the Advocacy Team will take this case from here on. Please expect an update from us within 48-72 hrs. No need to contact us during this process for we will take care of everything for you. We will notify you via e-mail or phone for the resolution or if we need more additional information to resolve this issue. Please make sure to check your inbox from time to time.
Elle: at 21:12:02

I have also tagged your case in the priority list as so it will be prioritized.
donald: at 21:12:15

Thank you
Elle: at 21:12:16

I'm glad we're able to take steps towards  resolution of your concern today.
Elle: at 21:12:26

I hope I was able to help you out with this information. Is there anything else I can do for you?
Elle: at 21:12:36

by the way?
Elle: at 21:12:37

Was I able to satisfactorily address your concerns today?
donald: at 21:12:53

That remains to be seen. But thank you.

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