Friday, June 24, 2011

Top Ten Episodes of Tales From the Crypt (Video)

This took forever to put together, but check it out because I think it's pretty good. It's a list of my top ten favorite episodes of one of my all time favorite TV shows, HBO's classic Tales From the Crypt:


Justin Garrett Blum said...

Tales from the Crypt was such a good and bad show at the same time. The Don Rickles episode is definitely a highlight for me. That was hilarious and I'll never look at a meat grinder the same way.

Donald said...

I thought about following up this list with a top ten worst episodes video... but no. I love Tales From the Crypt because when it was good, it was amazing. But there are so many awful episodes. It should not have gone on for seven seasons. The comic itself only stayed in print for five years.

television lady said...

OMFG> where do i start?
felicity's mother=organist from 16candles.

"look at that little freak!" was probably my favorite comment.

top billing is hands down my favorite episode of the series. my brother and i used to just start at the beginning and pass the lines back and forth all the way through to the end. then, when i read hamlet in 11th grade I knew like half the book already.

i haven't seen the kirk douglas, i think this year instead of a horror film list in october i'm going to do these. you've just convinced me.

right on about The Man Who Was Death. I've never forgotten the "treat whores like queens and queens like whores" bit. seriously. that music when he walks down the hall to his own execution (that I think was the same as the opening when the first dude got the juice) was disturbing and all circus-like.

this was possibly the best thing ever blogged.
nice work.

Anonymous said...

gotta have whats cooking, split personality, and death of some salesman possibly even forever ambergris you murderer and reluctant vampire