Friday, October 19, 2012

Part-3-Athon Day 19: Final Destination 3

Welcome to my Part-3-athon movie marathon, where every day during the month of October I will be posting a video review of a different THIRD entry in a horror/sci-fi series for which I have NEVER seen parts 1 and 2.

Here is Final Destination 3:


Justin Garrett Blum said...

Could a piece of exercise equipment really squish your head that easily?

Yeah, that's the plot of every Final Destination film. I've never really watched one, though. They do seem a little silly to me, with their crazy, elaborate deaths.

Mugato said...

I did laugh at that exercise scene.

About that Abe Lincoln picture. This annoyed me. It's rather easy to find on the internet ... why did they not just use the correct one! Would they have to pay to use it???

capt.naps said...

I hate CGI blood in modern horror films, especially because horror films are cheap anyways so the CGI looks like crap.

The first one was alright simply because the deaths weren't so over the top (at the start of the film) so its the audience is wondering what is really going on. When its just an unstoppable force of nature knocking off people it goes from suspenseful to just ridiculous