Saturday, August 25, 2012

One Giant Loss For Mankind

Neil Armstrong: 1930 - 2012
Some men are too big for one world. They have too much heart, too much courage, and too much determination to be tethered down by something as simple as gravity. Neil Armstrong left this world once, and now he has done it again, but this time he won't be coming back. He'll be missed.


Max said...

Sean Connery's birthday is the same day as Armstrong's death. Odd.
RIP Neil, and Happy 82nd birthday Sean!

Mugato said...

I'm very saddened by the fact that Sean Connery is 82 years old.

Anonymous said...

Neil Armstrong was a Living Hero to me. When he died, I spent all day meditating on the loss, and the fact his death happened around the time of the Shuttle Program's passing. On EBay, they were selling a "1969 Marx Johnny Apollo" Figure.I bid on it never expecting to win. I did. At least I have a relic of sorts of what will always be "The Golden Years" of Nasa and American Prestige.