Monday, August 20, 2012

Happy Birthday, Everybody!

August 20th is an exciting day to be alive, and an even more exciting day to have been born. I looked up famous birthdays today so I could make a cheap joke on my friend Justin's facebook page, wishing a happy birthday to some other person instead of him (I chose Fred Durst), and I was shocked by how many other cool people are celebrating their birthdays today. (And when I say "other cool people," I am of course referring to my friend Justin and not to Fred Durst.)

Anyway, here are some notable people celebrating a birthday today:

Justin Garret Blum: My best friend

Andrew Garfield: The Amazing Spider-Man

Alan Lee: All time greatest Tolkien (and over all fantasy) artist

Ray Wise: The world's most epic character actor ever

H.P. Lovecraft: Master of horror literature

Isaac Hayes: Musician, actor, writer, god of funk

Amy Adams: Actress, all around uber babe

John Noble: actor who should be in a movie opposite Ray Wise where they play the most intense brothers ever

Alan Reed: Voice of Fred Flintstone (and a million other roles)

Jonathan Ke Quan: of Indiana Jones and Goonies fame.
Demi Lovato: Actress, singer, dancer, prettiest girl in the world

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Justin Garrett Blum said...

If nothing else, I bet that I have the best blog of any of those people. Which is to say, I have a blog, and they're probably all too busy being important to have one.