Monday, August 20, 2012

In Memoriam: Tony Scott (1944 - 2012)

I'm saddened to hear of the death of filmmaker Tony Scott, not only because my heart goes out to his friends and family, but because it means I'll never get to see another movie made by Tony Scott. The man himself may have passed on, but he leaves behind a legacy of some of the coolest and most ridiculously entertaining movies ever made.


Justin Garrett Blum said...

Yeah, my wife just told me about this--crazy. I liked the guy's movies. Honestly, I probably liked more Tony Scott movies than Ridley Scott movies.

Donald said...

Me too! When Ridley was great, he was amazing, but Tony Scott was way more consistent and always entertaining. There are plenty of Ridley Scott movies I'll never watch again, but I'm not sure if I can say that about Tony. I'll watch all his shit any day.

Mugato said...

Any director that can get me to actually enjoy a movie with tom cruise as a race car driver, must be something special.

And what a dramatic way to go.