Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Green Lantern Trailer

The first official trailer for the upcoming Green Lantern movie was released today... and it looks neat. I'll definitely see it. I'm a long-time fan of the comic and I think this trailer looks entertaining and cool. I like that they seem to be using the full mythology of the Green Lantern corps, including glimpses of Oa, Kilowag, Abin Sur, and everything else. I'm not a huge fan of the costume, however. I don't mind that it is completely rendered in CG, I just don't like the color scheme. It really needs those white gloves to tie the whole thing together. Also, Ryan Reynolds is a funny, charming actor, but he just seems all wrong for Hal Jordan. Why do comic book movies always have to be "funny"? He'd be a great Guy Gardner, however.

Anyway... check it out here. I think it looks cool and remain cautiously optimistic.


Justin Garrett Blum said...

I hate being one of these nitpicky comic book fans, but I really don't like that ribbed costume design. I feel as though I'm looking at an anatomical model of a guy with no skin.

White gloves would be nice, but they're not a deal breaker or anything.

Anyway, none of this will stop me from seeing the movie, but I'm just saying.

Donald said...

Having the suit look like actual muscle tissue was an odd choice to be sure. I haven't heard anybody say they like that.

Matt said...

I think most comic book superheroes have an element of humor. Iron Man worked because of the humor element, The Incredible Hulk did not because they cut most of it out. If you read the comics, they usually have humor mixed in throughout. Even "dark" characters like Batman and Wolverine have their humorous moments. Hal Jordan is definitely not "dark."

Costumes rarely make any difference in a superhero movie. Even the horrible colors in Superman Returns barely register once a viewer becomes engrossed in the movie.

Justin Garrett Blum said...

I'm not certain I understand your point about costumes. If by "make any difference", you mean that a bad costume would actually prevent somebody from seeing the film or enjoying it, then I agree. It would be difficult to go THAT wrong.

But that said, you've chosen a kind of weird example. Complaining about the colors on Superman's costume in Superman Returns is what I would classify as nit-picky in the extreme. The low waistline, the raised "S" logo...these were non-issues that were blown all out of proportion by nerds. Nobody else noticed or even cared. Besides which, there were SO MANY other reasons to hate that movie.

I really think there's a difference between nonsense like that and the fact that the GL costume looks like exposed muscle tissue. Even if you've never read a Green Lantern issue in your life, you might still find the film's costume design kind of creepy. Again, not to the point that it would mess with your enjoyment of the film, but to the point that paying attention to it _does_ make you a little uncomfortable.

Donald said...

I don't think it's extreme nit picking to complain about pointless changes to an established character's costume. Superman Returns in particular got the costume way wrong, with horrible colors that were an eyesore. In my opinion, it's important because if the filmmakers don't even care to get something as basic and simple as the costume right, they probably aren't going to care that much about getting anything right.

And Iron Man wasn't a success because it was funny. The humor may have made it more easily accessible to a wider audience, but it was a success because it was a good film that -- more or less -- stayed faithful to the character from the comics. It took what worked and filmed that.

Superman Returns was just a huge piece of shit.

Justin Garrett Blum said...

I guess I'm going to stand alone here in my belief that the colors of Superman's costume just weren't that bad. Eyesore is rather extreme.

Justin Garrett Blum said...

Oh, but I do agree with you about Iron Man. It's a solid film with good character development. Humor was just a bonus.