Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Resident Evil: Afterlife

For some reason they keep making these Resident Evil movies, and for some reason I keep going to see them. Seriously, I've seen every Resident Evil movie in the theater. Can anybody explain why, especially considering how I didn't really like any of them? Anyway, I'm sure I'll see this one too, since it actually looks kinda cool.

But one thing I'll say right now, and I haven't even seen it yet, is that this isn't a Resident Evil movie. The first film was arguably the most faithful to the games, and even that was a Resident Evil film in only the most literal of terms. It was called Resident Evil and had a character fighting zombies. That was about it.

Anyway, check out this trailer, and then go see the movie. They have nothing to do with Resident Evil, but they are pretty cool, and they keep Milla Jovavich busy making movies like this instead of something that requires more of her than just looking hot.

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