Sunday, December 16, 2012

Another Tragedy

I don't really have anything to say about the recent tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut that hasn't already been said by more eloquent writers than me, not just about this recent shooting, but about the other recent shootings, and even the slightly less recent shooting, and all those other shootings in the past.

I guess I just wanted to acknowledge the tragedy because it's been on my mind and because I was born about an hour away from Newtown and then later lived about ten minutes away in Danbury. I'd be surprised if I'd never at least driven through there since I lived so close, but if I had I have no memory of it. Every small town in Connecticut is like every other small town in Connecticut, just like every small town in America is like every other small town in America.

And I guess I also just wanted to add my sentiments to what other people have already expressed: enough is enough. If after this shooting that left dozens of children dead you still oppose stricter gun control laws, well... then maybe that's why we need stricter gun control laws. Because people are insane.

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Mugato said...

There is nothing you can even say about this. It's just that tragic.

Danbury is a good city, Tarrywile Park is very nice.