Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Top Ten Blessed Are the Geeks Videos

So I've posted a lot of videos here that I put together... but lord knows I'm not bragging. If you have iMovie and a as much free time as I do, you'd have made just as much junk as I did. Only better, because you're great. Anyway, I'm always fascinating to see which of my videos are watched and become popular and which aren't. To be frank, most aren't. But some get a decent amount of hits, so I decided to look into which are the top ten most popular, at least in terms of views on youtube. I figured I'd post the list here with my thoughts. Why not?

In order of least to most popular:

10. Santa Paws Review
Was I drunk when I did the voiceover for this? Anyway, this was one of my Christmarathon reviews where I did a different Christmas movie review every day during the month of December in 2010. I actually like this review so I'm happy to see it's one of my top ten most popular, although I did it early in my "career" so the editing could be a little tighter. And that voiceover... I was clearly drunk.

9. The Dana Carvey Show: Rich Little's One Man Easter Special
This was just something I uploaded from a DVD I have of The Dana Carvey Show. I had nothing to do with the creation, writing, or production of this clip, I just stole it and shared it with the world because it's one of the funniest things ever. I don't know why this doesn't have a million hits. I just rewatched it and I still laughed.

8. Planet of the Apes (2001) Review
Without a doubt, my biggest claim to fame on youtube is as that guy who reviewed all the Planet of the Apes films... and I'm fine with that. In fact, I love that. I put a lot of work into these videos so I was happy to see they were kind of maybe a little popular. I still get comments on these, and it's always fun. But, again, these were early videos so when I rewatch them, I get a little embarrassed by how poorly done they are.

7. Escape From the Planet of the Apes Reviews
10, 825 views
My second Planet of the Apes review. 

Interesting tidbit: When I originally wrote this blog post, I somehow looked over this video as a part of my top ten, so I'm adding it in now. That's why I'm not saying much about it. I've move on... But I do like this movie.

6. Beneath the Planet of the Apes Review
I'm pretty sure this was the first of my reviews that I structured like a James Bond film: With a cold opening clip before going into my voice over. I think that's how I've tried to structure all of my dumb reviews since. I think I realized that that if I want to keep people watching, I shouldn't open with my jewy voice. Anyway, I like this review.

Interesting tidbit: I said that this film had a bigger budget, but I was wrong. I just assumed that because, I dunno, don't sequels usually have bigger budgets? And this film's sets definitely looked way better. Anyway, I was wrong and I heard about it from lots of people. That's why if you watch the video now, there's a little pop up that corrects my mistake. Adding that correction keeps me from getting at least an email a day about how I'm wrong. 

5. Top Ten Funniest Jokes From Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
Here's another video that should have a million views. This is funny! This is another video of mine for which I take absolutely zero credit, since all I did was take somebody else's jokes and edit them together. Anyway, I kind of did this as a joke, but I do enjoy this movie, and this video makes me laugh. This is one of the few videos of mine that I actually rewatch fairly often.

It's kind of funny that I get a LOT of emails and comments about this video, but most are complaints because I didn't include their favorite bits. Those people didn't get the joke.

Oh, and interesting tidbit: I know I only put it at #3, but for some reason Richard Lewis's reading of "Good Change! Good...change!!" is probably the funniest thing I've ever heard. That's one of those lines that I just think about and then start laughing. Where's Richard Lewis now?

Oh, and if Justin Garret Blum has read this far, a lot of my affection for this film comes from the fact that he and I used to watch it a lot back when were roommates in college. 

4. Rise of the Planet of the Apes Review
This video is worth watching just for my dead on pronunciation of "Planete des Singes." Anyway, this was a decent review, but the video is lacking because it's just still images. I had to do it that way because the film literally just came out in the theater that week. It came out on a friday, and I posted my review on the following sunday. Usually I get a DVD copy and... Actually, forget I said anything, since I'm not sure if what I do is legal or not. But you get the basic idea. I've thought about redoing this review, but then I'd lose the 13k view count. Screw that.

3. Battle For the Planet of the Apes Review
Odd that this, the last film in the original series, is the most viewed of all my Planet of the Apes reviews. I guess I don't mind since I was happy with how this review came out, but I figured my review of the first film should've been the most popular. In case you're curious, that film only has 3,653 views, so that would place it as my  14th most popular video.

2. Christmas Vacation 2: Cousin Eddie's Island Adventure
22, 746 views

If there's any film I regret reviewing, it's this one. It's a Vacation film starring Randy Quaid as Clark Griswold's Cousin Eddie, so you can guess how awful it is... and I said as much. To this day, I still get emails from people telling me I'm an idiot for not understanding this film's brilliance. Seriously, just click on that link and read some of the comments. I don't know if anything of those 22 thousand people agreed with me. They pretty much all love this movie they let me know it.

Anyway, those people are wrong. This isn't a great video and the voice over and editing make me cringe, but this movie was awful.

1. Top Ten Indiana Jones Deaths
This video is without a doubt my own personal Chocolate Rain. It doesn't have the million hits of his video, but it's still has about 60,000 more views than the last one on my list. When (if?) this video does hit a million views, I'm gonna go crazy and have a huge party. Or not. Who cares. It's a safe bet that maybe three of those viewers are people I actually know. But forget I said that. That's not your problem.

Anyway, this has become a pretty popular video and I couldn't be happier... unless it was a better video. I made this a couple years ago, and it's not very good. I have since learned a lot more about editing and I've purchased a much better microphone, so this video kind of embarasses me when I rewatch it. But I'm very happy it's being watched, and I'm thankful some people are enjoying it. Of course, I give all of the credit to Steven Spielberg and his cast and crew for making such amazing movies, since all I did was steal their footage and add a crummy voice over.... which a lot of people have taken issue with.


Anna Adams said...

that indiana jones tribute is goddamned genius. I'm going to watch it again now.

Justin Garrett Blum said...

More people should definitely watch that Dana Carvey Show bit. I watched it again, and it made me laugh again. I'll probably laugh the next time I watch it, too.

Mugato said...

82,000 + views! Wow. Seriously, that Christmas Vacation 2 review makes me laugh every time.