Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bottom Ten Blessed are the Geeks Videos

The other day I posted a list of my top ten most popular videos on youtube. Well, just to prove that I wasn't bragging and that it doesn't seem as though I'm trying to trick people into thinking all of my videos have over 80,000 views, I thought it might be interesting (or, at least, kind of funny) to post a list of my top ten least popular videos, along with my commentary. And just for the sake of fairness, I'm not including anything that was posted within the last month. I want this to be a list of things that have been unpopular for a long time.

Here is my bottom ten, from most "popular" to least:

10. The REAL Eye in the Sky that Watches us all
I'm not going to spoil the joke... but this is pretty funny. I dunno why nobody has watched. Maybe nobody likes Casino. I dunno.

9. The Greatest Captain American Hero
Screw you, internet! I don't care what anybody says, this is funny. This is a dumb little video I made where I edited together footage from the recent Captain America film alongside the theme song to that TV show The Greatest American hero. This is a really short, dumb video, so I don't want to tell you how much time I spent on this, but none of these videos are easy. Anyway... I wish more people had seen this, since I thought it was pretty good and I put way too much work into it.

8.  Christmas on Mars Review
I don't blame people for not watching this video. And of those 78, I wonder how many actually finished it. This was actually the first movie review video I ever put together, and it's pretty terrible. The audio sucks, the editing was bad, and the movie itself was a real piece of crap. I've gotten better since then. At least... I hope I have.

7. Ultimate Sitcom Intro 
Here's another video that for some reason I thought would be... well... if not popular, at least kind of funny, and hopefully enjoyed by more than 72 people! I had the dumb idea a while ago to edit together a bunch of intros from 80s sitcoms into one, ultimate into. It made me laugh, but nobody else cared. It's dumb to be sure, but it makes me laugh.

6. Helloween: The Curse of Lionel Richie
Another video that I thought would be a lot more popular than it turned out to be. Maybe I don't know how to promote these things... or maybe it's just dumb. Anyway, I edited together footage from Lionel Richie's super creepy "Hello" video and put it to the song from Halloween, choosing clips that made him seem like a psycho stalker. Anyway... it makes me laugh. This may have been better received had I published it... I dunno... twenty years ago.

5. R.I.P. Betty
This was a video montage I put together after the death of my then girlfriend's rat Betty. It was partly a joke, and partly a sincere tribute. Anyway, Betty was a great rat and this video still makes me sad on different levels. Also... great song.

4. Wrap
I really called this "wrap"? I went ahead and changed the title to "Review of Amy's Chicken Teriyaki Wrap." Anyway, this was my video review of some wrap I bought at the grocery store, and it's awful. This was one of the my very first videos, and it shows. I filmed it with my macbook's built in camera, which explains why it looks like crap. Anyway, most people who watch this (all 52 of them) will probably think "wow this guy's ugly!" But I think, "Wow I wish I still looked like that!" If I made this now, I'd be a lot fatter, have a lot less hair, and the hair I do have would be a lot more gray. Anyway... That was me about three years ago. I'm still a nerd, and i still live in that apartment.

3. Ultimate Sitcom Intro Part 2
This was the second of two videos where I edited together my own vision of the ultimate 80's sitcom. Anyway... I like this video and was pretty happy with how it turned out. Nobody else agrees. Only 47 views, zero comments, and only one likes, and I'm pretty sure that was me.

2. Elias Tells a Joke
Why doesn't this video have a million views?! This is so much better than that Chocolate Rain shit. This is a video of my nephew telling a joke, and it's adorable. I thought for sure this video would've gotten more hits than this! At least the video where he helps my sister change my niece's diaper has gotten over a 1,000 hits.

1. Butts Song
My nephews singing some song about butts. I thought it was cute. Nobody else in the entire world agrees.

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Justin Garrett Blum said...

The Internet is weird. God only knows why one video gets 1 million hits and another equally funny--or maybe more funny--video gets 100 hits.