Monday, October 17, 2011

Zombiethon Day 17: Weekend at Bernie's 2

Get ready for the most terrifying zombie film of all: Weekend At Bernie's 2!


Justin Garrett Blum said...

I LOLed immediately when I saw you were going to review this.

I was going to say the same thing about Terry Kiser--he's funny as Bernie, I'm not going to lie.

Good review. I loved the last two seconds.

Donald said...

That last two seconds was more than those dipshits deserved.

Terry Kiser should get some kind of lifetime achievement award from the Oscars, just for his roles in both Bernie movies.

Mugato said...

This may be one of the few movies in which the sequel is way better than the original. I HATE the first one, this one is hilarious.

Donald said...

The first weekend at bernie's was bad. The sequel was so epically bad it became awesome.