Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Nintendo 3DS

I don't have a whole lot to say about this since I didn't actually buy a 3DS, I just played the demo this afternoon at Target. Anyway, it's very cool. I played through a few levels of Pilotwings, which was fun if a little simplistic. I hope this game comes with the system, since it wasn't so great that I'd want to play it for more than a few minutes.

However, the 3D effect was very, very cool. In case you're unaware (which wouldn't be hard to believe, since the marketing for this seems to be very low key), the 3DS is the latest handheld videogame system from Nintendo, that plays game in 3D, without the need to wear glasses. The graphics were nice and colorful, but the 3D effect was really well done and worked better than I suspected it would. There's a slider on the side of the screen that turns the 3D depth from very deep all the way to off completely. I experimented with different depths as I played, but the more "3D" I went, the harder it was for me to keep things in focus. But bear in mind that I wear glasses and have a slight astigmatism. The 3D was the real deal, and I could definitely see myself picking one of these up someday once they release some kind of killer ap.

Anyway, go to Target or wherever and check it out. It's neat.

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Justin Garrett Blum said...

I've been wondering about this. I wouldn't have even known what it is if I hadn't heard it talked about on NPR of all places. I'd love to play a demo--it's hard to picture how the 3-D could work