Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Chump Change

I added ads to this log about a month or so ago, and all totaled I've made five cents so far in revenue. For all I know that's really good, but it's certainly not worth the trouble. This past month was actually pretty active for my blog too, since somebody on some Stallone message board posted a link to my comparison of Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. But even after I've been getting a few hundred hits a day, I've only made five cents.

I'm not complaining, since I do this blog for fun and not financial gain, and I certainly get a lot of excitement from the fact that a few hundred people a day may or may not be checking out this site (I'm happy if even one person reads it!), but I'm beginning to understand that the only way to make money with a website is if you get literally millions of hits per month. Since that's not going to happen, I think I'm going to remove the ads.


Justin Garrett Blum said...

Right now I'm looking at ads for Balt Background Check and Tenant Screening, so yeah...I'd say get rid of them.

I always wonder about website advertisements. I have never ever clicked on a website advertisement. Never ever. heh.

One think you might consider is Amazon's program. I'm probably more likely to click on a link to buy some movie off of Amazon than I am to click on a link for background checks.

Justin Garrett Blum said...

By the way, I heard a story on NPR yesterday about all of these people who have been able to quit their job as a result of making "How To" videos for YouTube. One guy, his whole thing is making videos about how to tie a necktie, and apparently, he's basically set now.

television lady said...

wow. maybe i could fall back on some random parenting knowledge, like HOW TO FORCE ORAL IBUPROFIN INTO YOUR UNWILLING TODDLER or RULES FOR TAKING CHILDREN INTO TARGET, or some shit like that. I need some spare change myself.

And on your post: yeah, it's reeeeeeealy slow going on the ads. I've had TL for 4 years. Ads on for 3. I've made $13. THIRTEEN. but things have definitely picked up in the last year, and where I was going months without anything for the first year, now i get usually a penny a day, sometimes more if there are actual clicks. amazon has not brought anything yet, but i keep trying to get my crap out there, maybe it will someday. but if you get a steady following, which it sounds like you do, they'll start paying out just for sheer numbers daily, so you don't necessarily have to get clicks on the ads to get paid, but if enough people are reading you, you'll get constant pennies. fun.