Sunday, January 2, 2011

Top Ten Posts of 2010

2010 was a good year for the ol' Blessed Are the Geeks Blog. I started to hit my stride as a blogger, got emails from Robert Davi and the director of Bikini Bloodbath Christmas, created a bunch of high-concept theme months/weeks, and even started getting into video editing. So, just for fun, I'm going to run down my personal picks for the Top Ten Posts I wrote in 2010.

In descending order:

10. New Logo
This was where I created and debuted the new logo seen above. All things considered, it's a poor photoshop job, but I was still happy that I was able to think of a concept and actually carry it out to completion. But if any actual graphic designers out there want to take a shot of making one that's even better, feel free. And by "feel free," I mean that I won't be paying you.

9. Image Comics
In September, I wrote a bunch of posts about Image Comics. These didn't gain a whole lot of popularity, but they were very personal and important to me. These were thoughts and opinions I felt about the company for close to twenty years or so and I finally had a venue where I could share them. Nobody seemed to care, but I enjoyed writing them.

8. The Lost Finale
This will be of interest only to people who obsessed over Lost as much as I did, but it will only be enjoyed by people as disappointed in the finale as I was too. I was pretty hard on it, but as time went by and I rewatched it a few more times, my opinion actually sunk even lower. This is also notable for being the longest single post I've ever written. I think, anyway. It's pretty damn long.

7. The Expendables Review
Nobody read this one but me, since it was way too long and overblown. But still... I felt that a film so epic needed an epic review. And, really, it was actually short all things considered. I could've gone on even longer about this incredible movie.

6. Stephen King Career Retrospective
This was my long, two part look at every novel or short story by Stephen King that I've read over the years. I kept meaning to do a sequel where I talk about all of the movies based on King's stories, but I forgot about it. Maybe I'll get to that in 2011.

5. The Goonies Tribute
I just started writing something about the 25th anniversary of The Goonies, but somehow what came out was something more heartfelt and poignant than originally intended. But I was happy with how it came out.

4. Comic Book Movies
Here I discussed every comic book movie I've ever seen. Maybe the longest post I ever did, since it stretched out to three separate posts and discussed I would guess well over 100 movies or so.

3. Videogame Console Round up
Another fun, personal post where I talked about every videogame console I ever owned. This is the most popular post I've ever written, with over 1880 individual views.

2. James Bond Week
I spent an entire week just talking about different aspect, characters, and trivia about the James Bond movies. This was fun and got me a lot of hits on Google. By the time the week was up, I still had no many ideas that I nearly stretched it out to James Bond Month, but that just would've been ridiculous. Oddly enough, the most popular Bond post from that week was the one about Miss Moneypenny, with over 700 views. The second most popular was my recap of all of the film teasers, which had only 302 views so far.

1. Christmarathon

This was my magnum opus. I reviewed a different Christmas movie every day in December leading up to Christmas. It was arduous at times, but mostly a lot of fun and I appreciated it as a writing exercise that taught me a lot of discipline. I also learned a lot about video editing, since I put together a few different video reviews. Considering the insane amount of hours I put into this, I wanted a lot more hits to my blog, but most of the feedback I received was positive. I liked it.


television lady said...

1. I loved the LOST Finale AND I loved your blog about it despite the fact that you did not love it. I don't have to agree with you to value what you're saying, just thought I'd say that out loud.

2. I read your Expendables review. And liked it. Despite not being a targeted viewer, so even though I haven't seen it yet (i plan to) I won't be giving back my dick and balls anytime soon because I don't have any.

3. Number One for me = stephen king blog. Both of them.

Donald said...

Thank you. I should have mentioned on my best of list that you are my number one fan.

tep said...

you have ranked the goonies review higher.

Justin Garrett Blum said...

Is there something wrong with me that I'm not too interested in seeing The Expendables? Do I need to just chop off my jimmy and retire it?

Donald said...

Nah, man, you should keep your jimmy. You'll need it to stick through the glory hole at the gay both house you frequent, you frikkin' queer homo.