Sunday, August 8, 2010

From Paris With Love

Now, I'm not going to go so far as to say that every movie should have a scene where John Travolta runs around with a bazooka, because that would just be silly (and it would be hard to justify it in a movie like Sleepless in Seattle or My Left Foot). But I am saying that if every movie had a scene where John Travolta ran around with a bazooka, well, every movie would have at least one scene that is totally bad ass!

Having said that, the scene in From Paris With Love where John Travolta runs around with a bazooka is probably the least bad ass scene in the movie. After all, when he uses the bazooka, he only blows up one car and only kills one person. In every other scene he's in, he kills about a dozen people. If any of these details interest or intrigue you, rent From Paris With Love, since it's a ridiculously fun movie directed by the guy who did Taken and features a bad ass John Travolta who spouts one liners and has a shaven head and goatee. If you don't like Travolta, don't see it! It'll annoy the shit out of you.

Personally, I like Travolta and enjoyed watching him in this, and it was obvious that he enjoyed making it. Almost as good -- though not nearly as fun because he was given the straight man role -- was that Johnathan Rhys Meyers guy. Rhys Meyers is a damn handsome man who is probably a good actor, but he's been so boring in everything I've ever seen him in. The Tudors would be an infinitely more entertaining show had they cast a more likable, charming lead... or so I thought until I saw this movie. He's actually really funny and likable here, achieving the almost Herculean task of creating a character who can share the screen with Travolta's completely over the top turn as Charlie Wax.

Anyway, I've already talked about this film far more than I should. I should've just told you about the scene where John Travolta runs around with a bazooka and let you make your own judgment about whether or not you should see it. But the answer should be yes.

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Justin Garrett Blum said...

I was surprised by how thoroughly this film was savaged when it came out. I imagine I'll have to see it someday.