Thursday, May 28, 2009

Top Ten Funniest Movies Ever

Here's my list of the top ten funniest comedies of all time, ever. I definitely have a rather strange sense of humor, so some of these films may not be up your alley, but if you have any sense of humor at all, they'll make you laugh. And that's all I care about when I sit down to watch a funny movie. Just make me laugh often enough and I'll forgive anything.

Anyway, these are the ten films that make me laugh more than any others.

#10. Blue Streak
Martin Lawrence and Dave Chappelle in the same movie? How could this movie be anything but comedy gold? I don't care what anybody says... this movie... is hilarious. And I mean that. Martin should've gotten an Oscar for this. His delivery is so damn good. This is one of those movies that's so funny I just have to think about it and I start laughing.

#9. The Big Lebowski
Everybody loves this movie, and rightly so. It's just funny. I'm not a big fan of the Cohen Brothers, but this one works for me, because it's not pretentious or trying to be something it's not. It's just funny, and that's good enough for me.

#8. My Cousin Vinny
I love this movie and I make no apologies for that, nor should I. My Cousin Vinny is that rare fish out of water comedy that doesn't isn't actually mean spirited. This film has no villain, and even though it deals with a clash of cultures, both sides are depicted fairly and lovingly, and everybody learns a lesson about tolerance and acceptance. Also, this film never cheats the audience with the plot, giving us one of the most realistic depictions of the legal system ever put on film. And I'm completely serious, and you'll agree if you've seen it. And one more thing... it has become almost universally accepted to mock the Academy of Motion Pictures for giving a Best Supporting Actress Oscar to Marissa Tomei for her performance in this film. To that I say... go to hell. I'd go so far in the other direction as to say that there is not one actor in this film who didn't deserve an Oscar. I love this movie.

#7. Blades of Glory
How funny was this movie? After I finished watching it for the first time, I restarted the DVD and watched it again. I'm not bragging, I'm just stating a simple fact. I watched Blades of Glory two times in a row. Funny movie. A lot of people tell me it's not funny, but those people are all crazy.

#6. Monty Python's the Life of Brian
Leave it to Monty Python to make a parody of the life of Jesus that is really nothing more than two hours of dick jokes. And, no, I'm not putting down Monty Python by saying that, I'm complimenting them. This movie is brilliantly funny. And no, it isn't really a parody of Jesus so much as it is a parody of the people who follow Jesus without actually understanding his teachings. If you want to view it on that level, that is. I choose to just watch it as a bunch of dick jokes.

#5. Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy
Nobody ever talks about this movie, and those who do are usually disparaging it... but I think it's brilliant. It may not be quite as brilliant or witty as the best skits from the TV show, but it does have nudity and swearing! This is probably my most quotable movie ever, it's just too bad not enough people have seen it to make quoting from it the least bit funny or entertaining. Anyway, if you think this next scene is funny, you'll love this movie. If you find it offensive, strange, or off-putting, I can't help you:

I don't care who you are, that's funny. Here's another scene that makes me laugh every time:

#4. Fletch
Remember when Chevy Chase used to be funny? Ok, I'm sure he's still funny. I'm sure when he goes out to eat he cracks up his waitress. But remember when he used to be a movie star and make movies that were so funny you'd pee your pants watching them? Well, Fletch was his best. And remember, he's Chevy Chase, and you're not.

#3. Young Frankenstein
Even a bad Mel Brooks film is funny, but his great films all have one thing in common: Gene Wilder. Gene Wilder is one of the most talented actors in movie history, and this is one of the all time great screen performances, comedy or otherwise. He's absolutely amazing in this film and somehow gets a laugh even when he's standing still and keeping quiet. And the rest of the cast is good too, but this is Gene Wilder's show, no doubt about it.

#2. The Naked Gun Trilogy
That's right... the entire Naked Gun trilogy is the second funniest film of all time. Picking one would be like picking a favorite child. It can't be done. It shouldn't be done. The only real problem is that there are only 3. Why didn't they keep cranking out these films? We could be on Naked Gun 20 by now! It's not like they'd run out of jokes since the films all only have maybe five jokes between them that they repeat over and over. But they're funny jokes.

#1. Who's Harry Crumb?
"My reputation precedes me. Otherwise I'd be late for all my appointments."
--Harry Crumb

John Candy is probably the funniest man who's ever walked the Earth, and this is his weirdest, most ingenious film ever. It's dumb and silly and over the top, but it also holds the record (according to me) as the film with the most laughs per minute. Here's the funniest scene in movie history:

Don't act like you didn't laugh at that.

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