Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Star Trek: Generations

Star Trek Generations was the film that was supposed to bridge the cast of the Original Series with the Next Generation, with the proverbial torch passed by the former to the latter, but it didn't really work out that well. A poorly written story, an underdeveloped villain, and an over attempt to be an epic, important film in the Star Trek mythos made this film into a mediocre entry in the series, albeit an entertaining one.

The film's main, fatal flaw is that the story make no sense. The plot revolves around some strange time vortex / energy ribbon that orbits around the galaxy and sucks up anybody in its path, transporting them to an eternal heaven of their own creation. Our villain Soran was one such person sucked into the ribbon, only to be ripped out again by the Enterprise. He spends the rest of the movie blowing up stars in order to change the orbit of the Ribbon so he can get back into it.

Unfortunately, this makes no sense.

There is some line of dialogue explaining that he has to change the orbit of the ribbon so it will intersect with a planet because any ship that flies into it gets destroyed. This is true, since a few ships are seen flying into it and are destroyed. However, all of their passengers were sucked into the Ribbon! And even if he didn't want to destroy a ship, why not just put on a space suit and beam yourself in front of the Ribbon? I can think of a million ways to get into the Ribbon that make more sense than spending a century building rockets in order to change the orbit of some nebulous space vortex.

So that was a letdown, but how was the rest of the movie regardless? Pretty entertaining. The special effects are incredible and the action sequences are great. The cast are all given a lot to do, with Data in particular having a very funny, satisfying character arc.

It would've been nice to see a better bridge between the old and the new, however, since only Kirk and Picard get to meet and team up, and event that was really forced and kind of a let down. Kirk really got killed by Soran? That guy? I didn't buy that for a second. And for what? To stop Soran from blowing up some planet we know nothing about? Have Kirk die to save Earth or the universe, some not backward planet in danger of some lame villain who's motives don't make any sense.

But it's a fun movie, it just has too many lapses in logic and a let down of an ending for Kirk. It isn't one of my favorites, but it's worth it to see Kirk and Picard together on horseback!

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