Sunday, April 5, 2009

Toaster Scrambles Video Review

Well... I'm trying something new here. Instead of writing another 12 page essay on G.I. Joe or Star Trek or some other thing that nobody will read, I figured I'd try to join the 21st century and make a video blog entry. It's pretty bad, with horrible lighting, atrocious editing, and a really poor performance by me, the star. But it's my first attempt. I was kind of excited that I was able to actually have any edits at all.

Also, the only camera I own is the isight built into my Macbook, so that's why all the shots are poorly framed and look awkward. I can only film where I can set down my laptop. That also explains why the sound is terrible, since I used my laptop's built-in mic as well. That's why you can really hear the sound oy my laptop's fan, and a little bit of my voice.

Why is my first video review about Pillsbury Toaster Scambles? Two reasons: I was born, and I bought some Toaster Scrambles yesterday for the first time.

Anyway, enjoy:


Shan said...

Good review. I like Toaster Scrambles. Like you said, they're a savory pop tart. More like the savory version of Toaster Strudels. Cold in the middle? I find that to be a recurring problem even with the Toaster Strudels/Scambles. How disappointing to wait 2-4 minutes for a savory breakfast just to bite into a hot-on-the-outside, cold-on-the-inside pastry. Boo. But, overall, they are tasty. One thing the Scrambles are missing? Frosting, or a savory alternative.

tep said...

this video makes me want to go out and buy this crappy product, which i know will make me ill.