Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Star Trek Month

The new Star Trek movie comes out next month, and I'm pretty excited. I'm nowhere near as excited as I'd be if it was a movie starring the actors from the Original Series, or Next Generation, or Deep Space Nine, or, maybe, even Voyager or Enterprise.

So, I'm on the fence and hopefully optimistic... but I'm still excited. After all, it's called Star Trek, and that's all it will take to get me into the theatre. Plus, it looks pretty cool.

So here at Blessed are the Geeks, it's Star Trek month. Leading up to May 8th release of the new film, I'm going to attempt to review every other Star Trek movie, rate each TV series, and cram anything else Trek related into this blog before I run out of time.

Everybody, set phasers on fun!

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