Monday, April 13, 2009

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

This should've been called "Forgetting This Movie."

How bad is this movie? It's still on, and I'm already writing a blog about how unfunny and boring it is. It's not all bad, since you get to see Kristen Bell in a bikini and Paul Rudd, who's always funny, has maybe two scenes.

Other than that... forget it. This movie sucks.


aak said...

Yeah, this movie is a brain-suck. I was going to comment saying it wasn't all that bad, but that's the thing: it's just a nothing kind of movie, with a couple of beautiful actresses.

Anonymous said...

kristen bell in a bikini is as exciting as seeing a teenage boy without his shirt on. She is flat-chested and manly. Her face looks like Jay Leno, only worse!

Donald said...

Smart move not posting your name, because you're a moron.