Sunday, December 1, 2013

In Memoriam: Paul Walker (1973 - 2013)

We here at the Blessed are the Geeks blog are unabashed Paul Walker fans. He wasn't a great actor... in fact... he may not have even been a good actor, but he was a fun actor, and lord knows we've seen and loved all of his movies, especially every last Fast and the Furious film, the seventh of which was currently in production when he died in a car crash. The car crash was unrelated to the film, and I'm not sure if it's ironic or not, just tragic, because he was so young, because he had such a promising career, and because he always just seemed like a cool guy.

Anyway, I don't have much to say about Paul Walker, other than that I was a fan of his stuff and I'm sorry I won't get to see any more of it in the future.

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