Wednesday, January 25, 2012

One of These Things is Not Like the Other


Mugato said...

Jonah Hill wasn't incredible in the movie. The movie itself wasn't that great. I love baseball ... that's why I remember those A's teams being a complete joke.

What the hell movie is Warrior? Also, is that Extremely Loud movie even out yet??

Donald said...

Is Nick Nolte playing the Ultimate Warrior? I'd see that.

I didn't see Moneyball. Maybe Jonah Hill was amazing. But I doubt it. I'm sure he was good. But come on!

Mugato said...

That's exactly it, he was good but I assume you need to amazing.

Also, my god Nick Nolte as the Ultimate Warrior would be awesome. A few years ago the Warrior had a website in which he would post what he ate every day. That's it, just what he ate.

television lady said...

I just saw Moneyball last night; he was very nerdy.