Thursday, December 15, 2011

Top 40 Guilty Pleasure Songs From the 90s

This took forever to put together and edit and finish, and I honestly have no idea why I even went to the trouble. I just had the idea one afternoon, and I couldn't rest until I finished it. Too bad my passion and dedication is limited to creating dumb Youtube videos and not, say, a cure for cancer, but such is my gift... such is my curse.

Anyway, if you like 90s music, check it out. If you don't, why are we friends?

(Oh... and SPOILER WARNING!! The Youtube thumbnail gave away that I ranked Mr Lover Man by Shabba Ranks at #22.)


Justin Garrett Blum said...

Don't get down on yourself for not curing cancer--you're still awesome.

I think you need to state your definition of "guilty pleasure", because some of these are actually good songs. Kiss from a Rose, for example--awesome song.

Some random comments:

I'm glad you included the Obama cameo in that clip from Whoomp! There it is! video.

I heard on the radio the other day that Hanson are still performing and that they're launching a Hanson-branded beer.

Mugato said...

Totally spot on. I may disagree with some of the numbering, but not the song choices. Good call having 2-Legit. And that Damn Yankees song gives me chills every time.

Donald said...

You're right about the nebulous distinction that makes a song a guilty pleasure. I just know that when I sing Kiss From a Rose in my car, I feel a little gay.

And here's some behind the scenes tidbits: I actually had that Addams Family Groove song by MC Hammer on their originally, but a friend of mine told me I'm the only person who ever liked that song so I should go with 2 Legit 2 Quit instead.

And I wasn't sure about that Damn Yankees song since even though it came out in the 90s it is still definitely an 80s song, or feels like one anyway. But I just needed that clip of Ted Nugent chewing gum while playing guitar. That never fails to make me laugh.

Oh... and Hanson is still touring! How do I know this? Because I saw them a couple months ago at First Avenue in Minneapolis. A friend of mine is a huge Hanson fan, and another friend of hers backed out at the last minute so she invited me. And they were totally awesome.

Mr.Lover Man said...


television lady said...

1. I want this on a mixed CD. or tape.

2. Agree absolutely on damn yankees giving chills. I remember this song when it was big---i was going into 10th grade and wore things like white knee length leggings with an andre agassi t-shirt, purple hoop earrings and aqua eyeliner.

3. #1 is totally my favorite.