Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Top Ten Funniest Jokes From Robin Hood: Men in Tights (Video)

Why not? Somebody had to do it:


Justin Garrett Blum said...

Whatever you want to say about this movie, that "shithouse" joke and Richard Lewis's reaction is always funny.

Donald said...

My original choice for #1 was actually going to be "Every scene featuring Richard Lewis."

Every time he comes on screen, I start laughing. He's just hilarious. It's so obvious he has no idea why he's in this movie and that he thinks it's awful, but he makes it work. Him and the guy who play the Sheriff of Rottingham are the best comedy duo ever.

I decided against that, however, since it would've involved a montage of his scenes that would've been a lot more work, and also because that "pissed on" joke is so good it deserved the top spot.

You see... I put a lot more thought into this dumb thing that you suspected.

Mugato said...

Totally forgot how funny this movie is. Very underrated. As is Cary Elwes. I like how Richard Lewis doesn't even try to act ... he's just Richard Lewis.