Friday, August 5, 2011

Battle For the Planet of the Apes Review (Video)

Planet of the Apes Week (which is turning out to be a long week) continues with the last of the "real" Planet of the Apes films, Battle For the Planet of the Apes. Oh, and this is just a pure coincidence, but today is also the birthday of John Huston, who appears in this movie as The Lawgiver.

Anyway, check out my review:


Capt naps said...

Planet of the Apes series seems to follow the inverse of the star trek film series.
Every Odd numbered ape movie is good

Donald said...

Hmmm. I hadn't thought about that. Good point.

JJ said...

I really liked this one. Its a good war flick with a political conflict in both camps, though Kolp seems to want to fight only because he is bored. I am surprise that Alma did not fire the nuke in the end. But yes, they already did that ending before.

mdurwin said...

I liked this film and think it completes the loop effectively. If we start with Conquest, we see apes in slavery, rise up. In Battle we see see apes and humans trying to live together. Let's assume Caesar could teach apes to talk, because they already evolved to that level and just didn't talk to avoid punishment.
In this film we see the caste system evolving. Even though, at the end, humans and apes were living together in peace, the seeds of the caste system were in place.