Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Voice

I don't know how to sing... and I mean that literally. It's not just that I'm a bad singer, but that I don't understand how singing works or how to make that kind of sound come out of my mouth. The best I can do is talk at a slightly higher pitch than I normally use for speaking, and hope that they words come out in some kind of rhythm... whatever that is. I have had people tell me I'm tone deaf, which I suppose must be true because I don't really understand what that means. What's a tone?

But boy do I love music, especially the sound of a great singer's voice. If I had one wish, it might be to have a great, soaring, lyrical voice like everybody else in the entire world seems to have. To me, that's about as unobtainable a super power as flight or invisibility.

Anyway, just for fun, I'm going to count down the ten singers whose voices I most wish I had. These are the people who, when I try to sing, it's their voices that I assume must be coming out of my mouth, even though the faces of the people around me tell me otherwise. Anyway, these are just the ten singers who I wish I could sing like, in descending order from awesome to even more awesome:

10. Jackson Browne

9. Aaron Neville

8. Dean Martin

7. The Unchained Melody Guy

6. Mel Torme

5. James Taylor

4. Bobby Darin

3. Cat Stevens

2. Frank Sinatra

1. Sam Cooke

Without a doubt, the greatest singer I've ever heard:

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