Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I watched about twenty minutes of this before I gave up.

That isn't to say it's a bad film -- far from it -- just that it wasn't for me. It was just too... cheery, if that makes any sense. It started with a brilliant prologue that set up the story perfectly and made it seem dark and moody, but then it switched to the present day and opened with a big musical number where Rapunzel sang some awful song with all these animals, and I just tuned out. I love musicals as much as anybody -- more than anybody, even! -- but the songs in this film just weren't very good. Also, the voice acting was kind of grating. Mandy Moore is a cute girl with a cute voice, but she's not a very good voice actor. And that guy who played the prince was just... ok. I thought Anne Archer was fantastic as the evil witch, until I checked the IMDB and learned that it wasn't Anne Archer. What a weird think to be mistaken about. How did I ever even think I recognized the voice of Anne Archer?

Visually, this film was gorgeous, with a wonderful art style that actually looked like a hand drawn Disney film transformed into 3D, if that makes any sense at all. The characters looked better than any I've seen in a CG film, and the backgrounds were colorful and gorgeous. This was a very beautiful, well animated film.

But I still turned it off after about twenty minutes because I was bored. I didn't care about the story, I found the characters kind of annoying, and I didn't care for the music. I had other things to do and better things to watch. However, I recommend this highly for any parents of young girls, since it's very pretty and Rapunzel seems like a good heroine. But I'm a 34 year old man, so it wasn't for me.

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