Saturday, September 4, 2010

Top Five Dave Clark Five Jams

Obviously, the Beatles are the greatest and most popular band from the British Invasion... but The Dave Clark Five came close. The Beatles succeeded on to fame and fortune because they grew and changed and adapted to current trends with each new album. Unfortunately, The Dave Clark Five only stayed around for a few years before fading away... but while they were around, they were awesome. Here is how awesome they are: Dave Clark is the dummer and his kit was always placed at the front of the stage in front of the guitar player and the singer.

Anyway, here is my list of the top five songs by The Dave Clark Five... if only because I think they are the bomb and because I was just listening to a greatest hits album of theirs that I own. By no means is this list meant to be definitive or absolute. I just want to give a little attention to a band that I think is incredibly underrated.

Here is my list offered without additional commentary, if only because I don't want to keep saying "this song is also awesome" for every entry:

#5 Because

#4 Over and Over

#3 Glad All Over

#2 Catch Us If You Can

#1 Bits and Pieces
Ok, here's some commentary: This is probably the coolest song ever written. Just try to listen to ten seconds of this song without wanting to dance for the rest of your life. If The Dave Clark Five had only done this one song, they'd still be cooler than the Beatles. 

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