Tuesday, September 7, 2010

R.I.P. Robert Schimmel (1950-2010)

Robert Schimmel was a very funny man and one of my favorite comedians. When I learned that he died earlier this week, I honestly wasn't surprised. If comedy comes from adversity or suffering, it's no shock that Schimmel was one of the funniest comics of all time. He suffered from cancer, a heart attack, cirrhosis, and who knows what else. But he finally died in a car accident. Only Robert Schimmel could've come up with a punch line that good.

Anyway, he will be missed, and the most tragic thing about his death is that he isn't around to tell some jokes about it.

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Justin Garrett Blum said...

"But he finally died in a car accident."

Oh, seriously? I saw that he died, but I assumed it was just from cancer, or whatever he had.