Saturday, August 12, 2006

Field of Awesomeness

Yes, that is me acting like a jackass at the Field of Dreams Movie Site in Dyersville, Iowa. But wait... there's more.

Yes, that is Kevin Costner and his unnamed band appearing live at the Field of Dreams and in public for the very first time! Jealous much? But wait... there's more:

Yes, that is Lisa Loeb appearing for some unknown reason with Costner and his terrible band. She wasn't even introduced. After she came on stage and jammed with Costner, he basically said that she needed no introduction and then marvelled at how amazingly her career turned out. Yeah, it's real impressive how she's playing back up for Kevin Costner's band in a corn field in the middle of fuckin' Iowa. If only she had "stayed" at the top of the charts. Ha ha ha ha ha.

But wait... there's more.

And yes, that is a giant screen showing the film Field of Dreams in the middle of the actual Field of Dreams corn field. It was all part of some roadshow put on by the Netflix people. Read all about it here.

The schedule broke down like this: at 7:00 Kevin Costner and his band would play and then at 8:30 they'd roll the film. That means we had to sit through an hour and a half of Costner and his band's special brand of adult contemporary, shit-kicking rock and roll. Worse than that, there were about a thousand people there and we had to walk a half a mile from the parking lot carrying folding lawn chairs through a dirt road that wound around a fuckin' corn field in the middle of Iowa. And how bad was Costner and his band? Let's just say it was the first time in my life I actually found myself wishing I was watching The Postman.

But, seriously, what a jack ass, forcing a thousand people to sit through his shitty band for over an hour and a half (as it turned out) just because they wanted to watch the Field of Dreams in an Iowa corn field. I still love his movies and worship the ground on which he walks... but still.

Once he got off the stage and the movie started, it was pretty cool. I mean, we were watching Field of Dreams in the actual cornfield, on a beautiful summer night. How cool was that?

Jealous much?

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