Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Burning Love Revisted

So the other day I gave my initial impressions of the first couple episodes of the new Yahoo! web series Burning Love. I thought it was pretty funny and worth checking out, but it wasn't exactly the rave of the century. Well, I sat down yesterday and finished off every current episode (there are only 5 so far), and I'm willing to raise my opinion from "pretty funny and worth checking out" to "consistently hilarious and you should definitely check it out."

The premise is still a bit dated, and it would probably be that much more funny to me if I was more familiar with the tropes of the reality genre, but I've seen enough to get the idea, and funny is funny. This show is funny. For a web series, the cast is pretty epic, with Ken Marino giving an amazingly understated performance as the lead. This guy should get a webscar, or whatever awards they give to people who are on the internet. He should win a Golden Chocolate Rain. Is that a thing? Anyway, he's funny, and so is everybody else. If you ever watched Veronica Mars or Party Down, you'll recognize a good amount of the cast, and if you liked them there, you'll like them here. Kristen Bell had a particularly hilarious bit where she gave a stand up comedy act about her life growing up in a cult. I also like Adam Scott's role as the therapist who just makes Marino clean his office by saying things like, "Now imagine the dust on those window blinds are your biggest fear. Wipe them away." Trust me, it's funny. I also laugh every time Marino accidentally calls one of the characters named Titi "titty." You see... the character has big... you know, forget it. You'll catch on.

Michael Ian Black plays the show's host, and if you've ever liked him before, you'll like him here. But that begs the question: Does anybody really like Michael Ian Black?

Anyway, the episodes can be watched online for free, and they're all about ten minutes long, so watching every episode posted so far won't even take up an hour of your life. And even if you don't think it's funny, it's still maybe the most amazing collection of women you'll ever see in one series.

Check out the first episode at yahoo, or by following that link I posted above.


Justin Garrett Blum said...

I finally watched these. Yeah--funny stuff. Everything is a one-liner. I like how straight Ken Marino plays it. Also, who knew he was so ripped?

Anonymous said...

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