Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Oscar Buzz

So according to this article, Eddie Murphy is set to host next year's Oscar's. I haven't watched the Oscar's in years, nor do I think I've even seen the last few best picture winners, but I'll probably tune in to see Eddie Murphy. He's a funny guy, and it'll be nice to see him doing comedy again, even if it's the watered down, luke warm kind you find at the Oscar's.

Still... the guy was as funny as anybody on the planet, and I'd check out the ceremony if only to see if he's actually still funny.


Mugato said...

He's been doing kids movies for so long now, that either A) He's itching to get a little crazy or B) He's forgotten how. Also, Daddy Daycare was funny.

Donald said...

I skipped that one, but I did think Haunted Mansion was pretty good. I can't remember why, but I saw that in the theater.

Justin Garrett Blum said...

Man...Eddie Murphy. Remember that guy?