Friday, July 1, 2011

The Best News Ever

Star Trek in (almost) all its glory has finally come to Netflix instant streaming. Sometime this week, Netflix and Paramount released almost every episode of every series of Star Trek for instant viewing to Netflix subscribers. This is awesome, not only for fans like me who can now rewatch our favorite episodes whenever we want, but also for new comers who will finally be able to appreciate the finest science fiction in television history.

The only omissions are Deep Space Nine and the Animated Series, along with all of the films except the recent reboot. I can understand why the movies aren't available to stream, since that's probably some different deal Netflix would have to reach with Paramount, but where is DS9, one of the greatest of all Trek shows? And while I'm not going to lose any sleep over missing the Animated Series, it would still be nice to watch all of those episodes again, since they were good fun. Hopefully these episodes will be forthcoming soon, but until then, we can all enjoy TOS, Next Gen, Voyager, and Enterprise

What are you waiting for?


Keir said...

But how many times can you watch "Spock's Brain," Kirk's battle against the Gorn, or Lincoln riding around space in a marble chair?

Donald said...

I intend to find out. If I don't post again within the next few days, it probably means my head exploded after watching all of TOS season 3 in one long marathon session.

Justin Garrett Blum said...

This is kind of cool to know. My brother has a Netflix account I could potentially use to watch some of these. I miss the original series in particular, for some reason. That show just reminds me of my youth and staying up late to catch these on one of the local cable channels.

Donald said...

Dude... just get Netflix already.