Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jackass 3D

This was definitely the weakest film in the trilogy, but it's still a safe bet that, if you enjoyed the first two, you'll enjoy this one. The Jackass boys are a little older, a little more wrinkled, and a little more gray, but they are still charming, fearless, and a lot of fun to watch get socked in the balls. This film doesn't really need a review, it just needs somebody to say, "it's a Jackass film."

Well, this is definitely a Jackass film that gives us more of the same, but none of it was quite as good as what we've seen before. None of the stunts or set pieces in this movie really matched the levels of brilliance seen in Jackass 2, which may very well be the most entertaining movie of all time. This one is just pretty good. I definitely laughed and recommend it to fans of the series, but I never fell off the couch laughing or anything.

I might have enjoyed it more had I seen it in the theater, however, since so many of the stunts clearly utilized the 3D technology that was lacking on the TV in my apartment. Lots of poop and blood and debris from various explosions kept flying at the screen, and it probably would've been very cool to see on the big screen, in the extra dimension. On Blu Ray, it just looked a little silly.

Still... it was a Jackass movie.


Justin Garrett Blum said...

I've yet to see any of these Jackass movies. In fact, I think I only even saw about ten minutes of the tv show once. I'm not putting myself above enjoying them, but at the same time, I don't feel that I need to see them.

Donald said...

I'm not going to say you've been missing out or anything, but they are very funny movies.