Friday, June 5, 2009

Get Lost

My girlfriend and I started watching season one of lost earlier this week... and it's good. So far it hasn't struck me as the instant classic many people have claimed, but it's certainly interesting and entertaining, and we are only about twelve episodes in. I'm sure it's going to get better and better as the episodes go on. Still, the series did just finish its fifth season, so we are aware of the huge commitment we've made. It's going to take a while.

But I think we'll do it, since, as I said, it's pretty entertaining, and the story is compelling, for the most part. At this point, it's hard to tell if the show's creators actually have a real story in mind, or if they are just making things up as they go along and plan to sort it all out in the last season. I've been burned by more than a few shows that haven't done that, only to drop the ball at the end (*cough*... Battlestar Galactica... *cough*), but hopefully Lost will pan out.

As it is now, the stories all follow a definite pattern, with something happening on the island that somehow relates to some memory one of the character has of their life before the plane crash, and then there's some big shocker or reveal in the last five seconds of the episode that ensures you'll keep coming back for more. And it works, but it's already starting to get a little old. Also, and I hate to say this, but the stories better get more interesting because the characters all kind of suck.

Well, ok, they don't all suck. I love Sawyer and I think Locke and Sayid are both interesting and fun as well. But the others are all pretty rubbish so far. Matthew Fox is a great actor in my opinion, but his talent and inherent charm are the only things that keep Jack from being completely smug and an insufferable cliche. The same goes for the Hobbit, but unfortunately he's neither as talented nor as charming as Matthew Fox. And Kate has to be one of the most annoying characters ever, but as least she's very lovely. Then again, they all are. I've never been on a plane filled with that many great looking people.

Except for Hurley, the fat guy, who is actually another character I kind of like. He has little to offer beyond comic interest at this point, but at least his comic interest is quite funny. I could see how he could get real annoying real fast, however.

Anyway... Lost. Not much else to say, and I know I'm years behind the times on this one. So... no spoilers in the comments section!

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tep said...

i love the story line where jack starts talking to the makes a face out of his bloody hand. it's really clever.