Thursday, March 12, 2009

10 Movies to Watch on Hulu Right Now


Following on the heals of my roundup of the online movie/TV watching websites, I figured I'd go ahead and explore the winning site in search of the 10 best movies they to watch.

Right now.

For free.

These are listed in no order, with no consideration for genre, popularity, or anything other than my own personal opinion. And, no, I'm not getting any money from Hulu, NBC, or anybody else. I'm just a nice guy who wants to keep you entertained.

Rocky III
This is the only Rocky film on Hulu, but it's a good one. Stallone, Mr. T, Hulk Hogan... this is a classic. Just go watch it.

The Thing
This is one of the best sci-fi movies of all time. This was an over the top, special effects extravaganza back when that actually meant something. It's also one of the weirdest, most horrifying movies I've ever seen. That scene where the head grows spider legs and crawls away still freaks me out.

Hey... I said these were all free, right? What were you expecting? Citizen Kane? Settle for Dragonheart, which is actually a ridiculously entertaining fantasy film, and even years later the CG holds up and looks great. I love this movie.

The Taking of Pelham One Two Three
See the original before the remake comes out later this summer. This is one of the greatest thrillers from the golden age of the genre: the early 1970s. Walter Mathau and Robert Shaw are amazing and the suspense doesn't let up for a second. Check it out.

Nobody's Fool
Paul Newman's last, great performance might be his all time best. This is one of those movies that gets better and more funny every time I watch it. And you get to see Bruce Willis and Melanie Griffith naked.

Night of the Living Dead
Classic. This is one of my favorite films of all time.

Opportunity Knocks
Oh man... this movie is sooo bad. So bad it's good? That depends on how much you like (or even remember) Dana Carvey. Personally, I like the guy and this movie cracks me the hell up... but I can't really say it was a good movie.

Black Knight
Did you like Opportunity Knocks? Well, then you're going to love this one.

Near Dark
This isn't my favorite vampire movie, since the pacing is a little too slow, but it's a cult classic that's still a lot of fun. Check it out if you're into that Twilight crap and want to watch some real, badass vampires.

Howard the Duck
Whatever. I needed 10 films.

And, remember, Hulu won that contest because they are free and because their TV content is still unsurpassed, not their film selections. But that's another post for another time.


aak said...

I'd like to check out Pelham. I own Dragonheart on VHS. I got it at a Hollywood Video for a buck. I figured it was worth it at the time, but now that it's free I feel swindled.

Donald said...

Pelham is a legitimately great movie, unlike some of these others.

Here's some bonus / writer's commentary / behind the scenes information on this blog post:

I actually started this list as the 15 best movies on Hulu, because I figured there'd be no way I'd be able to pick just 10 movies. As you can well imagine, I soon began to have doubts that I could even pick 10.

Alea Anderson said...

I love DragonHeart but after reading Pogue's novelization of the film, I can't help but feel the movie should be remade in order to be more faithful to the book. For info on my #RemakeDragonHeart petition, check out this link: