Saturday, June 21, 2008

Souther Style Chicken Biscuit

Why does this thing taste like pickle? I opened it up and looked inside. There were no pickles to be found. Does southern style mean pickle flavor? That's weird. I would have thought it meant, I dunno, cayenne maybe, or some other such spice. But pickle?

Now, pickle isn't altogether a bad flavor, not even on chicken. Chick-Fil-A sells little friend chicken sandwiches garnished with pickles and they're delicious. But maybe the difference is in how you can see the pickles before you taste them. Essence of pickle, when there is no pickle for the eye to see, is just odd and off putting.

But enough about pickles. How is the sandwich? Meh. I guess I can recommend it if you like pickles, but maybe not even then because, even though I belabored the point, it doesn't actually taste that much like pickles. It's just sort of has a light pickle flavor. The chicken itself seemed meaty enough, and the biscuit was flaky and flavorful. But it kind of gave me a headache, if that makes any sense. I felt sort of like I was sitting in the back seat on a long car ride while I was forced to read the atlas out loud. Not a great feeling, and then throw in the nasty aftertaste of pickles.

But, for whatever reason, I didn't hate it. But I don't think I need to get it again.

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