Friday, March 30, 2012

Bondathon Part 14: Moonraker

Part 14 of my Bondathon review marathon: Moonraker, the eleventh film in the officially produced EON Productions series and the 13th Bond film over all. This is the infamous entry in the series where James Bond goes into space. Yeah, that's right.


Mugato said...

"James Bond went into"

Best line ever. I cracked up. Although this movie is pretty ridiculous, I'd definitely say it is one of the more action packed of the Bond Series. At least of the older movies.

Justin Garrett Blum said...

What the hell was that? Radiohead doing "Nobody Does it Better"?

This should be unofficially called the "...but whatever" review.

Donald said...

That was Radiohead. I wanted to throw in something different.

capt.naps. said...

any movie sequel that moves the action into space is usually terrible.
James Bond in Space
Jason X in space
Muppets in Space
Leprechaun 4 In space

the obviously exception being Critters 4.